This was my fourth time out with Eva. It was decidedly time for a proper dinner and some entertainment date. This was also the date where she learned how much I like pinball.

I picked her up from her place in Minneapolis. Minneapolis streets really suck in the winter and coming off of a fresh snow they were particularly slippery and ill-plowed. Address lighting is also tough to see from the street side. This is partially because the mail carriers still walk from door to door so there’s no need for clear addressing near the street, such as on a mailbox. This can make it tough int eh evening when all the rambler-style houses look the same. I ended up two blocks off and took me a little time to correct my mistake. Fortunately, I was early so I arrived right on time.

Eva always liked a little more involved “hello” kiss. So when she hopped in my car and we essentially made-out for a minute or two I was beginning to wonder if the whole date would happen right there. If so, I’d have to move the car as it was a snow emergency and I didn’t want to get run over by a plow.

For dinner we ventured further into Minneapolis to a popular restaurant/bar called Icehouse. I made a reservation and were seated promptly. To our enjoyment there was a jazz duo playing. Despite the place’s name the ambiance was very warm. I had my usual Old Fashioned and she ordered the Pinot Noir. Banter continued at the great pace that had hallmarked the last few dates.

When out to dinner on a date I prefer to sit on the corner from my date and not across the table. Across the table feels so formal, as though it’s an interview. Around the corner you can really lean in and listen. The conversation takes on more intimacy as though we’re whispering secrets, even though we’re likely talking about our day or the weekend ahead. If things do get more flirty the kitty-corner allows for better under the table hand holding or leg squeezing.

We both ordered rather casual foods. We both ordered burgers of a fancy nature and we took our time enjoying the evening. Another important aspect of dating is knowing when a little silence is okay. This can be tough early on as there is a bit of nervous energy. Admittedly, I can tend to ramble as I were a tween yammering on about my day and life. Here, with the music and such I was able to sit back and relax. Eyes and body position can do plenty of talking.

After dinner, we shuffled (icy sidewalks) a couple blocks over to Tilt Pinball Bar. This gem was introduced to me about a year ago by my previous LTR. I loved it so much I subsequently had my 41st birthday there. What an awesome place to be a little playful and a little competitive with a date. Eva was actually rather competitive. She’s a former basketball player and could throw a good hip, even at the pinball machines.

To my delight, the place had rotated the machines and there were fresh ones to try. I think like most people, I like the machines that have a number of ramps, ball locks and some digital challenges. We got a couple of drinks and wandered the crowded (21 & over at night fortunately) hall. My favorites were the Munsters, Deadpool and Indiana Jones machines. There was also an older style Beatles machine that was a lot of fun.

Eva and I engaged in some smack talking and even a little tickling and pinching as distraction tactics. Nothing too obnoxious and all in good fun. We played for about an hour before the little touches and kisses, and maybe the drinks suggested we should find someplace more quiet. We held hands and shuffled on the icy sidewalks back to my car and headed to my house. Things got hot again.

There was definite energy and intellectual connection with Eva. We had a shorter form of our previous date. This time on my bed. Lots of kissing and not a lot of clothes. No sex, but a whole lot of touching. There’s an insatiability with Eva that made for a night that could have kept going. There were moments of near wrestling and even some playful tickling as we tried to learn each other’s sweet spots better.

Unfortunately, time was not entirely on our side as she had a sitter at home and had to be home. Still we had several hours of an excellent date and neither of us really wanted it to have an end time. Patience is a good thing to have though right? Enjoy the build up and make it last.

I think this is one of the flaws of modern/online dating the vast majority of people are looking to hop in the sack right away. It’s more like lighting a firecracker. It’s exciting, there’s a short fuse and a big bang, but then it’s done. I’m finding I don’t like that so much. I’d rather take some time and let the connection build. Sex is the most amazing when there’s an amazing connection; when the comfort level is such that you can just be yourselves.

So we cuddled for a moment after our playful roughhousing and I got Ms. Eva back home in time to not turn into a pumpkin, or a pauper from having to overpay her sitter.