It’s funny how my mind can turn on a dime and I can get a momentary infusion of insanity. That happened this afternoon. I found myself Google-ing the affair person, finding just enough “new” information to give me a rush. As I write this I’m a little shaky, but coming down off the mini-fix. Fortunately, a guy from my program called me at the right moment and I was sane enough to answer….providence and progress perhaps.

I fully acknowledge the affair person is a drug. Thoughts, desires, etc. are purely medication. So what was I looking to medicate from? Thinking over it, I think I got caught in some resentment towards my boss. I typically have a problem with authority, especially when it comes on a chaotic whim. I get that he’s in the middle of 1,000,000 things, but I think it’s kind of stupid that he pokes his head in long enough to ask about something and divert my day to something seemingly trivial.

It’s time to move forward though. I have an evening with the kiddos and hope to do a little something around the house. Thank God for semi-quick returns to sanity. I maintain that despite my situation, there’s still much to be grateful for!