My back has been killing me. Tense in the shoulders and upper area, resulting in nerve pain down both arms. I was hoping I would just sleep it off in a day or two, but that hasn’t happened.

I finally went in for a massage today. The theraputic type (get your minds out of the gutter…well at least partially). I found a private practitioner as I don’t like the franchise places, and spa’s are typically over-priced. And as mentioned, I stayed away from anything “light touch”, etc.

It was amazing to take the time. The therapist used an awesome amount of pressure and I could feel the pain release as I got worked over. I’m still a little stiff, I probably could have used two hours instead of one. I’m grateful that I got some relief though. I think my last massage was two years ago. I may need to make it every couple months.

It’s important to get in the self care. I can sometimes even talk myself into believing that I’m not worthwhile enough for it, but that’s not the truth.