20160206_143526This weekend was a lot of fun. The gf and I played a round of golf on frozen Lake Minnetonka in what is dubbed the “Chilly Open”. Essentially nine holes of golf on Ice. We brought some chocolate milk stout from Dangerous Man brewing. They had a chili tasting contest and lots of free stuff from the sponsors. It was a perfect (for winter) 30ish degrees F.  I look forward to possibly playing in it again next year.

The rest of the weekend was good too. Some good “napping” after the golf. I got a bit of work done too (deadline approaching). I attended mass, the Homily was on grace sometimes just barging in on us when we’re not expecting it and being open to it. Finally, I met some of the gf’s friends to watch the Superbowl…or sleeper-bowl in this year’s instance.

As per my last blog the gf and I had a talk. It’s obvious we both really enjoy each other and seems to be we speak a different “dialect” when it comes to feeling understood, etc. She has more endurance for being apart, but actions are what matters to her so I am feeling some trust build for that.  Obviously, a lot of it comes down to me. and keeping an open mind and being in the moment.